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              Expanding Gate Valve

              • Expanding Gate Valve
              • Expanding Gate Valve
              Expanding Gate Valve

              Product Name: Expanding Gate Valve
              Product Details:
              Place of Origin: China
              Certification: ISO9001-CE

              Product Detail
              Product design and scope
              Design standard:API 6D
              Length of structure:API 6D
              Flange connecting end:ASME B16.5/ASME B16.47
              Butt welding connecting end:ASME B16.25
              Wall thickness:ASME B16.34
              Inspection and test:API 6D
              Pressure and temperature rating:ASME B16.34
              Product scope:NPS 2″~NPS 36″,CL150~CL900 
              Main body material:WCB?LCB?WCC?WC6?WC9?CF8?CF8M?CF3?CF3M?A890 4Aetc.
              Drive device:handle, bevel gear, electric, pneumatic, etc.
              Online Inquiry

              Welcome to our website! Please feel free to send us your questions by asking us, we will contact you and provide you with the appropriate service as soon as possible.

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