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              Leaders inspected

              In December,2005,Xi Jinping,Zhejiang Provincial Party 

              Secretary,now Central Committe  General Secretary 

              and Chairman of Central Military Commission,State 

              President,made an  on-the-spot investigation at BTL.

              On August 23, 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao inspected 

              Boteli valve group.

              On September 5, 2008, permanent member of Gansu 

              provincial Party committee, Lanzhou municipal Party

               committee secretary Lu Wucheng led team to 

              inspect Boteli valve group.

              Xinhua News Agency and other central mainstream 

              media team came to the company for interview.

              Secretary of valve Branch of China General Machinery 

              Association - Song Yinli inspected Boteli

              CNPC Tianjin Natural Gas Line Co., Ltd